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Willamette River

The Willamette River stretches 187 miles across northwest Oregon, offering a multitude of different fisheries, but the fishery that Greg Hedrick's Guide Service focuses on is concentrated around Eugene, Oregon.  The Willamette has two major tributaries, the Middle Fork and the Coast Fork, which meet  just south of Springfield.  Both summer steelhead and spring chinook return to the Willamette during the spring and summer months, which can provide anglers with an opportunity to catch both species during certain times of the year.  Between the Middle Fork, Coast Fork, and mainstem, often referred to as the "town run," every type of water can be found. From classic steelhead water, to deep, boily, spring chinook water, the Willamette has a little bit of everything. 

Summer Steelhead
May 1st - October 30th

The Willamette River is the main focus for Summer Steelhead fishing for Greg largely due to the management plan that has been implemented on this river.  Summer steelhead smolts are released at multiple sites from the Dexter Dam all the way to the northen part of Eugene. This means that fish return at different times durning the year and will also hold at these different acclimation sites throughout the summer months.  This spreads both the fish and the fishermen out, and provides ample opportunity to catch summer steelhead from May to November.  Summer steelhead can be caught using a variety of methods and Greg is willing to focus on certain techniques if clients desire.  A day of steelhead fishing could consist of the typical diver/bait and back-trolling plugs, to float fishing with jigs, bait, or beads, to floating long miles in a day covering water by side drifting and bobber dogging looking for fresh, active biters.  There's lots of options when it comes to summer steelhead fishing on the Willamette, so let your guide know if there's a particular technique or stretch of river you're looking to learn or focus on. 

Techniques Used:

  • Float Fishing
  • Bobber Dogging
  • Side Drifting
  • Backtroll Plugs
  • Diver & Bait
  • Hardware (Spinners & Spoons)

Spring Chinook
May  15
th- July 15th

The Spring Chinook fishery on the Willamette can be very productive some years.  Both the Middle and Coast Fork has Spring Chinook returing to them, but the Coast Fork is only floatable early in the season most years. Spring Chinook will typically arrive in early May and depending on the year, quality fishing can continue well into July. 

Techniques Used:

  • Float Fishing
  • Back Bouncing
  • Backtroll Plugs
  • ​Diver & Bait
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