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McKenzie River

The McKenzie River begins as outflow from Clear Lake in the Willamette National Forest and flows some 90 miles through the west slope of the Cascade Mountain range before meeting with the Willamette River near Eugene, Oregon. The McKenzie River has both a Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead fishery that run side by side allowing anglers to retain both species on a given day. The McKenzie has some truly amazing scenery that can make any day on the river there special. 

Spring Chinook
May  15th - July 15th

The Spring Chinook fishery on the McKenzie River is the focal point for Greg Hedrick's Guide Service during the spring and early summer months. Springers will typically arrive to the McKenzie in early May and depending on the year, quality fishing can continue well into July. 

Techniques Used:
  • Diver & Bait
  • Back Bouncing
  • Float Fishing
  • Backtroll Plugs

Summer Steelhead
May 1st - October 30th

The Summer Steelhead fishery on the McKenzie is another fantastic fishery, close to the Eugene/Springfield area. Summer Steelhead will typically enter the McKenzie prior to the Springers, but the run builds slowly and typically doesn't pick up until June. Summer Steelhead can be caught well into the fall months, but peak run timing is usually mid June to the middle of July. Once cooler temperatures and rain arrive in the fall, Summer Steelhead fishing can turn red hot again, and often times you will be the only fishermen on the water!

Techniques Used:

  • Float Fishing
  • Bobber Dogging
  • Side Drifting
  • Backtroll Plugs
  • Diver & Bait
  • Hardware (Spinners & Spoons)
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